Friday, October 29, 2010

Endhiran. Dot

Endhiran is genius.

Everybody may not get Endhiran's genius so I'll explain.

It is genius in the standard way and in every way. It has Rajini. Rajini is super. It has A. R Rahman who isnt quite as super in this movie (still it doesnt matter). It has Shankar who is generally not so super, but beyond super in this movie.
It has some white people in fight scenes. It has Aishwarya who is very pretty.

It is also genius because it is an super duper out and out Rajini movie, with fantasticness, over the topness kickassness, BUT without resorting to any "rajini formula". There are no punch line, no rajini entourage, no side comedy track (well there is one but it doesnt count, cant compare to janakraj or goundamani or vivek side comedy track), there is no oppressed suppressed masses that rajini stands for, no arrogant women to tame or reign in, no speech on India's (a.k.a tamilnadu) greatness, no thai pasam even!! The movie has a thai, and enough scope to go all patriotic etc, but it doesnt. The movie gleefully throws off these crutches (no Thai pasam! Really. Even Harry Potter resorts to it) and still remains Fantastic and Rajini.

It is BIG, BAD ASS and COOL. Its like Rajini and Kollywood decided to migrate to the next level. Now that bollywood is "getting" what all the fuss is about and making Salman Khan sport a moustache, Kollywood decided it is now time to shave off the moustache and do something even cooler.

There are many more reasons that make Endhiran and Rajini genius. Perhaps they will need a new post. Or even a new blog.

Endhiran is genius. Dot

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