Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Adorable is Joseph Gordon Levitt

How Adorable is JGL? Let me count the ways

1. So Adorable that he is ALWAYS cute at ALL ages
Age: Munchkin. Family Ties & Angels in the outfield

Then again all kids are cute at that age right. Right? Of course right. But look at him 3rd rock from the sun at age 15:

Yes that's him at 15! What awkward growth spurt? 

Age 18: 10 things I hate about you
Age 20:Manic. Making mental illness look good

Age 23: Mysterious Skin, where he plays a gay prostitute

And he looks like this now:

and also like this, but lets not talk of this again

2: He sings and plays the guitar

He also does it while wearing a shirt with rolled up sleeves and a skinny tie: 

Admittedly he isn't great... at singing....or the guitar........which somehow makes him only more adorable for being so earnest.  

To make it worse he teams up with the Queen of Adorable - Zooey Deschanel for a cutexplosion

Imagine their cute little Hipster Babies.

And guys they are totally not dating. They have been great friends for over 10 years. He tells playboy magazine that it would be "awkward" to date Zooey. Whatever.

3. Everyone wants to work with him... again...and again

As soon as he grew up into the sharp young whippersnapper he is today Chritopher Nolan cast him... twice, first in Inception, then in The Dark Knight Rises

Rian Jhonson cast him in Brick, and then wrote a film for him - Looper- just so they could work together again. They are also best friends and neighbours and hang out together all the time, braid each others hair and everything

JGL in Looper

4. He really knows how to rock it in a suit
and without a suit too
 5. He is adorable when he doesn't understand what a crumpet is

Watch the interview: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/the-bike-shed/joseph-gordon-levitt-video-watch-cute-attempt-understand-143756997.html
Interviewer: My girlfriend....X describes you as a thinking girl's crumpet. I don't know if thats a phrase you have in America. Its means kind of a...
JGL(slowly and precisely):  Hmmm ...A thinking girls crumpet
Interviewer: Ya...How do you feel..
JGL (interrupting): Whats a crumpet?
Interviewer: its means like a....
JGL (interrupting): Its a scone? A scone kind of thing?
Interviewer: Its a savoury kind of thing
JGL(incredulously): A savoury scone?
Interviewer: It is bready,... kind of savory..
JGL:A savoury scone? What? Do you put chicken in it and stuff?
Interviewer: No... just regular things, like butter ...and jam
JGL (shaking his head): Jam is not savoury
Interviewer: Ya but the crumpet itself is kind of savoury
Interviewer: Look forget I said crumpet. I regret bringing up the word crumpet

Isn't that adorable? Awwww Americans. What a crumpet.
Ooo wouldn't he be adorable if he had a British accent or something?
ANS: No. What on earth is this?

Its is a really short animated clip. Go ahead watch it. Even if just for the opening and closing clips of JGL in a bed of candy.

6. hitRECord
JGL also owns hitRECord- an  online collaborative production company. Profits are shared with the artists who contribute.  Isn't that just lovely.  According to an interview he gave in Salon, its a place for him to "Freak out". Awww.  Apparently JGL oversees the site from a bank of computers in his home studio.  Isn't that a hot mental image. JGL in the dark bathed by the glow emanating from  a BANK of computers. Ya'all know that I dint actually find the image or it would have been here by now.

Of course like all good imaginary boyfriends, he isn't perfect and has his flaws too. Like this time when he said 'pretty girls aren't  funny'. So if he is laughing at your jokes, its because he thinks you are ugly. 
Except he did say it to compliment his pretty AND funny female co -star. He did issue an awkward- ish apology

Still Ryan Gosling would never do that.