Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reality rocks

There is so much Indian reality TV to watch it is getting very hard to keep track.
I cant post fast enough about Rakhhi ka swayamvar. My post gets outdated the minute Ive posted it.

We are all sooooo over Luv and his elimination. We have visited Creepy Tiwari's house where they dint offer Rakhi a cup of tea and sweet Chitiz's house who unfortunately hasnt developed 'feelings'. Tonight she video conferences with Canadian Elesh's parents. I cant wait for the promised twist. I am also hoping it wont happen and she'll just marry Chitiz and wear his clothes. (not his, the ones he makes) edited to add: She picked Elesh. Dint marry him. Yet. Probably wont.

Then there is Sach ka Samna. The episode I watched had an actress named Urvashi, who lost ten lakhs because she answered a question untruthfully. Tragic really, especially after she dealt with questions like " Were you expelled from college because you were pregnant?" "Have you slept with a married man?" and so on. Why did Urvashi lie anyway? She must have known that she would be given away by the machine. Why have your secret exposed AND lose all the money you won so far. Her downfall came though her friend Shanela (a friend no more Im sure). She truthfully revealed her friend tries to control her life but then lied when she said she dint believe Shanela was her friend only because she( i.e. Urvashi) was famous. Perhaps Urvashi din't realise that she thought her friend was a celebrity suck up till it was revealed to her on TV. Gasp. In any case she lost 10 lakhs and probably is unlikely to bond with Shanela anymore.

Then there is Zing ne bana di Jodi which is supposed to be like the Indian 'beauty and the geek'. Small town boys try to hook up with 'uptown' girls...but it is little puzzling as the small town boys seem to be quite savvy and hep. There is already a lot on angst with one chap admitting he was attracted to another girl (who was not his partner) but would rather stick with his current partner because she is better at tasks.

Then there is the jungle show which might be worth a watch for Fiza- the ex asst advocate general, Haryana who converted and ran away with the ex deputy CM, Haryana. 10 celebrities are stuck in a jungle in Malaysia and do all kinds of tasks and finally - surprise one of them wins a load of cash

Such an explosion of reality shows. Most of them are ripoffs from shows that have been aired elsewhere. This is not new - way back in the 90s we imported the Wheel of Fortune . Miss India was an import from pageant formats developed elsewhere. Not so long ago we had Kaun Banega Crorepati. There have been some homegrown formats like Antakshari and Boogie Woogie but they have disappeared now. Now we have Indian Idol, Jhalak Dikkhla Ja, KyaAap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain and Big Boss all rip offs from international formats. I wonder whats next - A simple life? - who are the Indian brats who could fit? An Indian Bridezilla could work. An Indian project runway or Indias next top model would be great fun. The Apprentice? - with Vijay Mallaya or Anil Ambani. Theres a gold mine out there.

Meanwhile, so many shows so little time. Sigh


  1. please confirm if rakhi eventually married that guy or was it just a sagai...with a possible break up reality show in future

  2. No she dint marry the guy. No sagai either. She is already whining about his impoverished state so maybe break up