Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Curly scrunchy hair

So i went to a hair stylist, a REAL hair stylist- not lakhme's dime a donzen stylist not even loreal or any of those other fellows but a real one that was not sponsored by a cosmetic company. (actually there were- wella and werent so different from lakhme/loreal assembly line stylists..i was hoping for a lil more exclusivity sniff)

Anyway dear Ragini washed my hair, conditioned it, put it under something that looked like a giant slad bowl upturned. You know what i am talking about, you have seen them in hollywood movies -in the spa/parlour scenes -a bunch of women sitting with this huge semi sphere glass upturned bowl thing over their heads. Yes! i was under one of those....but its a little disappointing...doesnt do anything..... just releases steam and your head can get nicely cooked. Anyway Ragini washed, conditioned, cut, pulled,teased scrunched and talked -about Rajnikanth (he is so great! and so humble also) - about Page 3 people (i hear even Bangalore has its own page 3....delivered in a most incredulous and vaguely patronizingly congrajulaty tone accompannied with a tee hee), - south indian movies, and -why my hair was so dry and i must never touch these gasp o the shelf hair products (I am a little confused so now i should buy my shampoos online and wait or them to be delivered?)

I negotiated many a sticky moment almost blowing my i-am-so-posh-ive-had-expensive- haircuts-since-before-you-were-born attitude and survived with the 'i know what this giant upturned salad bowl is for' look, took a shot at the 'the leaf unconcernedly through magazine like you have all the time in the world OR totally loose it and threaten to sue' test (good on you ink stained....i leafed, working my way up t be ill-sue-you posh), agonized for hours (even sent a message) over 'the tip or dont tip' test (i dint tip....wait. so did i totally blow my im so posh cover?)

And when Ragini was through hair was eehh ok - curly (scrunched up ragini would say) and fell over my eye. Nice.

what a lot of hot air.....err hair