Thursday, June 19, 2008

what a crappy world

This is inspired directly from CBM's what a wonderful world.

I am glad CBM is happy as are many other people by the Majestisity and beauty and clean-ness of the monsoon.

But I am not. And I live in Bangalore, so the rains aren't even causing the trauma of being marooned or catching diseases caused by rat urine and overflowing drainage ditches

Still its dark and gloomy and frizzes up hair and its cold and my feet have turned into ice which i hate hate hate....clothes are put out to dry inside the house. Clothes smell...the house smells...everything is wet.

basically im grumpy.
Listing out some rain songs- is it a coincidence all of them are sad...or wistful ..... or melancholy...or whatever
A-Ha- Crying in the rain
Madonna- Rain
Blind melon- No rain
grateful dead -Box of rain
CCR- have u ever seen the rain

Edited to add: Now CBM is grumpy too...evil eye!


  1. evil eye indeed!!

    oh and you forgot another classic rain song:

    dekho baarish ho rahi hai,
    its raining, its raining. its raining
    mera dil roh raha hai,
    it's paining, its paining, it's paining

    by none other than, *drumrolls* anu malik!!

    and if it gives you any solace, i did say i hate the rains once it gets properly underway...which it has!

  2. @CBM: ya still proves my point rain=pain

  3. u could add Prince's Purple Rain too :)

  4. Raindrops keep falling on my head... sigh i love the song..i love the rain
    Fred Astaire " dancing in the rain"
    ...sooo many more

  5. why has this blogger stopped blogging?

    after the tremedous success of "Porrutam* and the Monkey God" we want more


    oops my name is showing!
    okay bye