Tuesday, June 3, 2008


There is something about instant messaging.....
It makes you say ''hi wassup'' to people you dont normally talk to

You can have long conversations that you would never have if you just walked up to someone's desk (how long and in how many ways can you sit on someones desk and say one of the two: ïm bored, i am hungry- thats my two main IM subjects)

The best part is that you believe you are only multi tasking - talking AND working you see. (ya right! I have had whats up sent at 10:30 that dragged into a conversation that lasted till mid afternoon- it could never happen in a non IM space)

But what to make of this strange communication medium? I dont know if I quite approve or disapprove.

I do know I have used it extensively- to express boredom and hunger as mentioned earlier, but also to receive a quick response to jabber into the phone responding to irate or annoying clients/vendors, to source drafts to be converted into agreement by the end of the day, long philosophical discussions on the life and the universe, for prompt unscientific surveys, for whining, for advice, for venting ranting, bitching, or after work plan making.

I also do know Ive used every conceivable mode of communication it offers, through status msgs and pictures and smiley faces.

But despite its comfort and ease of use and utility in keeping track of people/friends all over the place it still smacks of a little sadness.

So we are bound to our desks and chairs and computers. There is no going out and meeting new people anymore? There is no long soulful engagement with questions of the life and universe on top of a water tank on a terrace. There is no whining and venting with hugs (real ones not *hug*), theres no need for hushed whispering so you are not overheard



  1. We can have both! :-)

    You better not disappear from IM world.

  2. on top of water tank on a terrace! i want to! its been SO long!

  3. @anil: you come back from US first

    @aandthirty and the rest of it: its been SO long and a year for me :(