Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly wanderings

What have I been doing? Nothing much , watching movies (mostly forgettable- confessions of a shopaholic -terrible) and the random check to see if Bangalore nightlife has returned (which dint disappoint so much this time) and watching loads of sitcoms.


Whatay movie. Both Awesome and Aiyoo Rama. Contradictory you say? What else do you say about a movie that has superheroes who do bad things but are yet superheros, superheroes who have relationship troubles, the weight of too many superpowers and high maintenances girlfriends on their nuked blue shoulder.
While the movie is brilliant at times it seems like it is a little pretentious and thinks it is above its own genre. All right superheroes can be complicated and have their troubles on the side, but there is also much to be said for the superheroes who go around bashing criminals for most o the movie as opposed to having sex and long philosophical discussions on mars.

The movie is definitely worth a watch. Information, stories, back stories, twists are simply thrown at you the first 40 minutes or so, daring you to catch up, and creating a dense storytelling, which is thoroughly enjoyable. Then, when it has reeled you in the movie settles down into a somewhat more traditional narration. Each scene is spectacular. It is strong vibrant visual story telling. So yes Watch Watchmen.
And I will go read the book- no comic- no graphic novel.


Yes I am aware Bangalore is landlocked. Still some people pining for sun,sand and fun, created a pub/bar/club/restaurant called it the beach and filled up the floor with sand, and expected it to fill up with bangloreans who wouldn't know the difference anyway. I always thought Beach was a monumentally silly idea, but hey suprise suprise its quite fun. First I went to Fuga hoping some page 3 coolness will rub off on me but it was deader than what really really dead is. So onwards to beach which had greenish bouncy lights and people dancing. yaaay.
I believe that they have some sunset grooves party every sunday 3:00p.m- 6:00p.m. Yaay madhyana party! the kind we used to have when you had permission to stay out of home only till dinner and when you went to bunkers to order a small vodka and split that with a friend. You dint do that? Well neither did I.

Pub crawl

Went on a truncated pub crawl but totally awesomely worth it. From the springy benches of styx (that we dint sit in) to the uber blue tinted coolness of nasa (the loos are also space themed and your waiters are captains and the cocktails are insane -insanely named and priced at least zero gravity will cost you some 250 bucks) and pecos.
What is wonderful about hopping from shady pub to shady pub in bangalore is that you can walk from one to another yaaay! An excellent way to spend a Bangalore evening.

More events as and when I remember them.

The post title doesnt make sense? I know.


  1. whatay pink blog this is :) and you finally posted! yeay!

  2. Vatacoincidence! I love beach (though loved it more when it was open air), am lukewarm about Fuga, and hey I did styx nasa pecos very recently- vatacoincidence ;) and vatalowly no?