Wednesday, February 25, 2009

silly 6


- is masakali a dove or a pigeon- she(he?) looks like a dove, but have heard it was supposed to be a pigeon edited to add: I have been told masakali is dove- but what i want to know is what masakali is in movie- is it dove playing pigeon? or is it dove playing dove? I cant remember -but i think someone called masakali kabootar in movie

- why patti waheeda rahman has no relatives/siblings/cousins in delhi? only nosy neighbors

- why sonam kapoor, is so annoying despite being very pretty. Is it the 'feather' haircut?

- why abhishek bachan has been cast as roshan, despite being so annoying?

- which monkey gave better performance- abhishek in gems type button monkey suit or camera on steroids jumping to crazy janga wanga woiza toiza music?

- abhishek bachan/roshan fellow has no job? He can take long undefined leave at moments notice...never has to call back boss, check work mails nothing. Maybe he is student?

- why abhishek bachan/roshan fellow keeps going round and round chandini chowk and not hanging out pubbing and clubbing in CP- which I think he'll like better.

- why abhishek bachan/roshan fellow could not ditch that stupid phone and get a proper digi cam, now that they are quite affordable.

- why abhishek roshan would fall in love with Bittu/sonam, why would sonam/bittu fall in love with abhishek/roshan

-why wahedda rahman patti is lighting a lamp when abhishek/roshan is being beaten to death in monkey suit

- isnt is nice that nobody actually dies, despite so much talk of dying peoples.


  1. Why we still spell patti as p-a-t-t-i and not p-a-a-t-i, although the latter is phonetically more correct?

  2. @aandthirty: correctu! hadnt occurred to me ever