Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Can miracles happen? In 7 days will that woman be me? will detached arms be thrusting flowers at me? will i be looking at the camera instead and give a beatific smile unconcerned about the body less hands and look like im used to them thrusting flowers at me everyday? will i be clasping my hands contentedly and look all lady like? all in 7 days? will i ever be so flattering against a red back ground?

See :- http://www.ponds.co.in/agemiracle/index.html
(click on link)

Well lets find out. Lets use the ponds age miracle (yes the ponds age miracle- we cant make it sound ordinary by calling it a ponds age cream...no its not a cream ...its a miracle) for 7 days and see if i can achieve that contentment and supreme happiness that every woman can only feel when she is against a red background with red roses thrust at her.

Day 0

Skin has not yet been touched with the miracle.
skin fells all right if a little dry.
no pimples blemishes pockmarks or other things of that sort
Giant dark circles under the eye
skin looks a little shallow and lifeless.

from tomorrow we will see

what i need is a chomameter - if u dont understand go read the fine print.

Edited to add:
Day 1
well sqeezed a tiny portion of ponds age miracle and rubbed n face. Evertything is still the same as day 0 but skin does seem somewhat softer.
am unable to say is this is work of the miracle or just result touching face just after its washed or........maybe my finger tips got smoother and not my face! how would i know. now attempting to rub finger tips on other surfaces to check theory...but am unable to draw any kind of conclusion and give up.

Edited to add:
Day 2:
I forgot about the miracle today. :( Maybe i can make up tommorow with extra portions

Edited to add:
Day 3:
Was a little more genrous with the miracle. I swear my skin is getting softer and in just two days ..but im still skeptical. How much to attribute to miracle and how much to regular water and soap application which dint exist earlier. I think this test must be completely redone....in a more scientific manner....face to be split into two haves one for miracle one not. and i think that chromameter will be very useful ...if u still dont know what it is.....tch tch

Edited to add:
Days 4 and 5
Miracle aplication on schedule. But read fine print on bottle. it says miracle should be applied twice a day. so now am appplying the miracle morning and night and once more thru the day if i can or good measure.
skin is incredibly softer and all moisturized....it doesnt look any prettier mind u...just feels softer....have lil put break of pimples near my nose. dark eye patches continue to remain. skin still looks a little sallow.

Edited to add:
Day 6
Soft soft soft skin...but sill does not look any prettier... challenge has almost come to an end now.
what is it with 7?? ponds 7 day age miracle, olay cream also - total effects - fights the ' 7' signs of early aging. Kellogs break fast serial gets 7/7. and then there are 7 horcruxes that voldermort made. what is this 7 business everywhere....spooky

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