Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Beginning

Why i am blogging-

1. i work in front of a computer and have a cubicle, so blogging is easily disguiseable as work. So i can look productive though not actually be productive (why would i want to do that? -I dont now yet. will figure it out)

2. I started writing on this blog because M added me as author. It was fun. But im running out of bombay stories. So here is chronicalling the life of mem inside and outside of bombay,( outside bombay where she sadly has to spend a large-ish part of her life)

3. I also have this strong urge to maintain a compulsive commentary. I have a need to share what is going on every minute of my life. Which can be very painful for listeners when nothing much is going on, and im still going "so i get into this auto, and im in a traffic jam....still.....still in the jam....yup still there" So anyway this way i can work off my constant commentary urge to the internet universe and not really care if its wincing in pain or boredom as well as giving my friends regular updates.

and thus the blog is born.

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